Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Last weekend J and I held our annual birthday party. We think this might have been the 5th version of it, but are not quite sure.

We celebrate both of our birthdays at our little home with some of our favorite people. We buy a keg of local beer and drive up the coast to buy fresh oysters.

This is how things looked like last year:

Sunny bar.

Most of the party happened outside, in the sun.

This year J made mole from scratch, something my mom cannot believe since in Mexico people still make it by grinding everything by hand over a metate and it takes days to make. His version is a modern one that uses a blender instead (à la gringa, as I like to say), and is super tasty! His mole was a big success. We will see what my skeptical mom thinks about it, since she has asked for the recipe.

Another highlight was the weather, that just did not want to clear in spite of us delaying the date in hopes for sunshine. It was drizzly and cold, so we lit a fire and stayed mostly indoors. We even had a Horizontal rain moment! Our friends seemed to enjoy the weather, as it was a radically different ambience than usual.

Hosting the party is a good excuse to see our friends and clean our home.

It looked so nice I just had to show you!

Overcast bar. The weather got way worse, with heavy horizontal rain later on.

You can get a glimpse of the results of the campaign in this photo.

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