Monday, February 28, 2011


Last weekend J cut his finger with a knife while preparing scones.
We had to spend all morning at the ER, and he came out with 7 stitches. The doctor was surprised he did not damage his tendon, as the cut goes all the way through his finger, and looks almost like he had no bone. Like one of those magic tricks where people get sawed in half.
While I am sorry he cut himself, and was worried sick about him, now that he feels better I am enjoying seeing him heal.
The body is the most amazing thing! It just knows what to do, and does it so efficiently.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Campaign.

Since I am tired of the gloom and dark clouds (inner and outer), this week I have been on an intense campaign to make myself happy. There is nothing I can do about the weather, but there is a lot that I have achieved on the inner front!
First and foremost I had a change of gears and decided to force my engine to speed up and go. That was the most important step.
Then I visited Etsy and bought myself a couple of photographs I have loved forever. I particularly like their dream like qualities. Aren't they amazing?

Once they arrived, I took myself off to the frame shop and bought them frames and some extra for prints and other photos I have had lying around our home for ages gathering dust. Our walls will look so much livelier and I will be able to look at all of those pretty images whenever I am feeling blue.

I also bought myself a couple of orchids. I adore orchids, and they do pretty well on our kitchen windows. They are easier to take care of than I used to think, as all they need is bright indirect light and bark/soil that is always moist.



One of them has barely opened, and I look forwards towards its transformation. It is green and white and it belongs into a plant category I call "Martian Plants". They are plants I would choose if I ever direct art for a futuristic movie that takes place in outer space.

Happy home, happy me! (so what if my wallet is not).


Sunday, February 20, 2011


The ocean has been feisty and unsettled lately (... or was that me?).
Here are a couple of short videos for you to enjoy, but be forewarned, as the only action taking place is that of the angry ocean and its monologue.

Feisty ocean before a storm

...and one day later, here it comes!

Videos by RR

Monday, February 14, 2011

Movies (with a side of Guillermo Del Toro).

Movies, since I can remember, have been a crucial part of my life.
Every Sunday growing up, my family and I would go jogging, eat ice cream afterwards and go watch a movie. Any movie, all the movies... good and bad, commercial or artsy, we would buy truckloads of popcorn and watch them all.
As soon as I could, I began to skip classes to go on my own to the theater and submerge myself in a world beyond my dreams. I would pay with my pocket money and through the screen travel the world and live lives I never imagined I would.
I was lucky enough to live near the best art house theater in Mexico City, the Cineteca Nacional, where you could see fabulous old and new movies from around the world for very cheap.
The Cineteca hosted (and still does) a once a year marathon of cutting edge movies from all over the world. They sold a passport, with a discount for students, to see them all. They showed a different movie every day for a whole month. Half way through the Muestra (as the marathon is called) I was so exhausted  that all movies I had watched had melted into one single memory/trip that involved young/old rich/poor people from Ukrania/el Salvador/Outer space/Japan going on a quest to obtain wisdom/the treasure/ransom/peace/revenge through all sorts of adventures. I saw many of my favorite movies there, way before some of them became popular icons.
I saw such an abundance of movies that by when I was in college I felt like I had seen all the movies under the sun. Sometimes I rent a movie only to find out at the third scene or so I had already seen it but did not remember!

It has been fun to revisit some of my favorites with J, specially the scary ones. I know he loves me so, because he watches them even though they give him nightmares.

One of my favorite artists/directors of all times is Guillermo Del Toro (whom I recently met at a book signing, yay!), the most talented monster creator of our times, if you ask me. The New Yorker magazine had a feature on him recently and they made a short video to go along with that.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Free time (paper cutting).

For unforeseen reasons, I have found myself with tons of free time lately, so I have been doing small attempts at paper cutting (I promise I will show you some as soon as I deem them worthy).
Working with paper has been incredibly rewarding and a good fit for my small home and it's limited space. It is also very relaxing!

Today I discovered this incredible paper animation made by Mandy Smith. I wish I could someday make such beautiful things.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

New faces.

The dark winter nights at the farm when the only sounds around are the ocean and the hooting owls are over. I am not sure if I am ready for this, but there is no point on resisting it.
This week the ranch is filling up once again. Winter is behind us and a new season begins, seven new people have moved in and the place feels boisterous and full of excitement.
But not only are there new human faces. 
Baby lambs were born!



Sunday, February 6, 2011


photo by R R

photo by R R

photo by R R

J and I have had a great weekend so far. Last night we went to the city for dinner and a fun underground burlesque show. I got dressed up and it was so uplifting! There were lots of people out and about, enjoying the warm weather and meeting with friends. Everywhere we went was busy and a bit crazy. It was exhaustingly fun and made me miss living in a big city.
Today we had a slow morning. Drove up the coast, grabbed brunch and went to the beach afterwards. The sun was shining, the breeze was blowing and the beach was almost empty. We had not had such a peaceful day in a long time. I love us being together, quiet and daydreaming side by side. We are so comfortable with each other.
It is incredible what sunshine and nature can do for my mood!
Happy times, once again.
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