Sunday, November 20, 2011

Engaging conversation.

Without being aware that we are doing it, J and I switch back and forth between English and Spanish when talking to each other.
Last night, while watching a movie, someone on screen was proposing.

The following conversation ensued:

Me:   In what language did you propose to me?

J:   Mmmm...

Long silence.

Me:   *awkward stare*

J:   In the language of looooove, of course!

Another uncomfortable moment that resolved with both of us laughing hysterically.

PS. I should also mention that I actually don't remember in what language he proposed (but don't tell him, he he).

Friday, November 18, 2011

Before and After: Home

We have been at our new home for a few months now and although we still still have a few unpacked boxes around, we are getting settled enough for me to show you.
Here by our living/dining room.

Friday, November 11, 2011


Over the past couple of weeks the vines in front of our home have changed drastically. 
The grapes have been picked just in time, because as soon they were gone the weather got cold.
So cold that we have had fires in our stove almost every day now, so cold that the leaves on the vines have turned brown. They will fall off soon.
Autumn rains have begun, making the grass green again.
The contrast between the orange red of the vines leaves and the bright green of the grass is incredible (to see the opposite, visit here).
Fall has arrived.

On October 23rd:

On November 2nd:

On November 4th:

On November 8th:

PS. Happy 11.11.11, Corduroy Day!

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Murmuration of Starlings, Swindon Wiltshire
Photo from here.

I have ran into this video of a Murmuration of Starlings in a couple of places this week, so the odds of you having already seen it are large.
Still, I could not resist to share it.
It is just too beautiful!
Hope you are having a nice Sunday,

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Felíz Día de los Muertos and my first ever Giveaway!

I got a happy, unexpected surprise in the mail today.
My dear Mom sent me an envelope full of Día de los Muertos paper banners!
Some are long and some are little, and the designs are different in all of them, but they all are colorful and pretty.

To spread the love I would love to give away a couple of banners to you guys.
Please leave me a comment below, sharing your thoughts on any of my blog posts or my blog in general.
I am hoping I will get some useful feedback, so please be honest.
I will be selecting the winner(s) at random next Friday.
Yes, I know the banners would be arriving late, but does it really matter? I hope not!
Maybe you could use them next year.
As for me, I can tell you this banners will likely still be hanging on my walls in January. 

Cannot wait to hear from you!

Update: Some people commented here and others on different posts, so I am happy to declare this giveaway a success. Two lucky winners have received an e-mail from me and should receive their banners soon. This was fun!
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