Friday, November 18, 2011

Before and After: Home

We have been at our new home for a few months now and although we still still have a few unpacked boxes around, we are getting settled enough for me to show you.
Here by our living/dining room.


  1. Wow, so gorgeous R! Love your rug and fuzzy things...and awesome bird's eye view!

  2. Thanks, Clare. The wool rug we found on a garage sale in SF for $50. The fuzzy lamb skins are from the ranch we moved from. You could say they are food by-products.
    To take the photos I had to climb walls... Just kidding! Our bedroom is on a loft above the living room. Thus the cool angle.
    Things look a bit different now, but I was inspired to post this from your own post of your lovely new home.
    Hope you are keeping warm and dry!

  3. Oh man! Beautiful! I am experiencing pangs of envy . . . But in a good way.


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