Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

The holidays are finally here and almost everyone is thinking about nice presents for lovely people.

It is a good moment, then, to think about supporting small producers of handmade products.

Here by, some of my favorite Etsy finds to inspire you:

Folding Tree House by TheFoldedForest $16

Drifting Sewn Print by Tastesorangey $25

Personalized Camera Wrist Strap by Harlex $55

Itch Photo Print by Thequietcanadian $25

Triple Orchid and Turquoise Earrings by CrinaDesign73 $25

Siamese Twins Paper Doll by Dobrovskaya $17

Rose Flower Hair Pins by Thehoneycomb $24

Bea Address Stamp (self inking) by Lettergirl $42

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