Friday, March 18, 2011

From Dark to Light (A Forest In Her Mind).

The whole situation in Japan following the Earthquake and Tsunami last week, with the possible nuclear catastrophe that they (and us) face now has left me feeling gloomy and sad. I think about the people there constantly, wishing them well and worrying about their future. I could write about that, but I just cannot bring myself there as it would make me even sadder. 

I could also write about the flash backs I have had lately about my own childhood experience of the 1985 earthquake that left half of Mexico City destroyed and its people scarred; and of how it was also an incredibly uniting moment for us as a people, of how everyone got together to help each other in any way we could and how that experience made me believe more in humanity and its potential. But again, it is a sad memory that I would rather not revisit now.

So, to bring myself to a brighter space (and hopefully you too) I have chosen instead to show you something that makes me happy.

Elsita, one of my favorite artists, has created the ultimate paper cut piece. It is called A Forest In Her Mind, and it is gorgeous in many ways. The concept is incredible, and the execution just blowed my mind. I wish I could someday make something half as pretty as this.

If you are in or around LA on April 16th, make sure to stop by the opening of her three-girl-show at Giant Robot 2 Gallery.
And please take me with you!

Piece and photos by Elsita 

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