Saturday, September 3, 2011


Welcome to our home, you cute polydactyl creature!


  1. Woah! Look at those paws. I've seen this before with a friends cat. I previously thought it had something to do with, dare I say - related parents, but your link states quite the contrary.

    The more to puddle with!

  2. He he... I see why that would be, Hydrangea Girl. His paws are crazy!
    I took him to the vet last week, and he wanted to keep him so badly! Turns out he thinks polydactyl cats are special, smarter and super agile. The doctor already owns a couple of them. I get the feeling he will receive special treatment whenever we visit!
    As for myself, I have not yet witnessed anything too unusual, except for his being super chill and observant, like he knows what is going on. On our way back from the vet he clawed his way out of the carrier and I freaked out he would just go crazy and try to escape. Turned out he just wanted to sit on the passenger seat and look out the window.
    I like the legends about him descending from witches and being good luck. Not a bad start, if you ask me!


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