Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Horse shoes (Sam the farrier)

Recently I spent time with the horse and donkey and while I was there Sam the farrier stopped by to tend to their hooves. Sam is very friendly and has been shoeing horses for 18 years now. 
I loved to see him at work, feeling like I was a witness to a very old skill. I bet most of the tools and techniques have not changed in his trade for a long, long time. He did, however, have a fabulous modern trailer outfitted perfectly for his needs. You can see bits of it in the following photos. Sadly I did not take a full picture of it, but it looked pretty much like this one. 

Sam's wide smile.

Sam's trailer is outfitted with a furnace, and anvil and a radio that blasted classical music while he worked.

Sam's trailer is pulled by a wonderful truck from 1953.


  1. Wow, that is one pretty horse, and Sam sounds awesome!

  2. She is beautiful and Sam is indeed super nice. I wish I had such a wide smile! Have I mentioned I house sit often at this place not far from where I used to live? Maybe you could visit next time, Clare.

  3. Ha, my dad is a farrier! And still is after 30 years. His furnace and tools were kept in the back of a 57 Chevy until it finally broke down. So many awesome memories, visiting all of his clients, and ending the day covered in coal, dirt and sweat (sounds horrible but this makes me so sentimental!)

  4. Horrible? It sounds like an amazing childhood, if you ask me Shirley! The places you must have seen. Sweating and getting dirty means you had a great time. Would love to see a picture of your dad in action.


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