Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rickshaw bags.

Months and months ago I bought a coupon online (something I had never done before) for a messenger bag at a super duper discount, then totally forgot about it.
A couple of weeks ago they sent me a reminder e-mail because the coupon was about to expire. 
I called a good friend and made it an excuse to go to San Francisco and have fun together. We had lunch and a couple of Mezcal cocktails at my favorite Mexican restaurant (the one that brings me warm memories of food at home) and then we headed out to Rickshaw.
I had no idea they existed, and even less so that they are so amazing!
They are a small company that designs and sells the most incredible bicycle bags. The store is at their small factory, where a handful of super nice people make and sell the bags. It was a treat to see the friendly faces of the people who proudly manufacture their products, and the range of their collection blew my mind. 
I promise you they have just the bag for you! They also sell hats, laptop sleeves, binders and more.
Their prices are fair, even more so because you can customize your bag from hundreds of colors and fabric choices at no extra charge. 
Cannot find your ideal fabric or color? They event let you order fabric from Spoonflower to make your bag unique! If that is what you prefer, please call them so they let you know how much fabric to buy.
I ordered a customized Zero Messenger bag for Mr. J, who has had the same beat up bag since we met over a decade ago. 
I hope he likes it.
I can't wait for their call to say it's ready!

Customized bags waiting for their lucky owners.

Rickshaw Atelier in action.

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