Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Androgynous beauty, again.

In my previous post about androgynous beauty I mentioned I wished I knew what Bitch Magazine's take was about that particular dilemma. I know they have often in some form or another dealt with the topic of gender boundaries, but in their recent issue they have an interesting article titled Pink Scare about boys that display "girly" behavior and the possible impact such actions have on their development. 
In honor of that, and of androgyny in general, here are some fun photos of strong, talented females in masculine attire:

Frida Kahlo, far left, at a family portrait. Circa 1929. (Image via here)
Annie Lennox. (Image  via here)
Cher as Elvis. (Image via here)
Lady Gaga for Vogue Hommes Japan, photographed by Nick Knight (photos via here).


  1. So many posts I want to respond to! Your many toed kitty...And the harvest and androgyny. You guys have to come over as soon as these boxes start disappearing.

  2. I think you should not worry too bad about the boxes Clare. I have found out that the things we really need came out almost immediately, while there are still a couple of mysterious boxes with unnamed contents that I might as well just toss.
    I am glad your move is over! Having just gone through that makes me extra empathic.
    Maybe you should visit us soon to get a break from unpacking instead!


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