Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mexico City.

We are back, and our mexican time turned out to be fun, exciting and quite hectic. I found no time to post from there as I meant to, so please forgive my absence.
Have you ever been in Mexico City? For starters it is huge. So huge that landing in it is scary. On the plane you see houses, so you figure you are there. Then the houses keep going and going, and you wonder where you are headed. And the houses keep going underneath you and then the realization comes that you will be dropped right in the middle of all of those houses!
I grew up there and still today landing is overwhelming.
How do people deal with such a gigantic place? It turns out it functions as smaller cities within a monster city. I have not been to most of the different neighborhoods, nor do I think most Chilangos (the nickname for Mexico City dwellers, not always considered polite, but then again chilangos not always are) have.
You stick to your neighborhood, then you figure out what you like and find the area that provides it. I circle around mainly three or four different areas whenever I am there, and often run into people I know while meandering around. 

Our visit this time involved a friend's wedding, time with my parents and friends, revisiting of old routines and hangouts, another earthquake (seriously! you should keep me at bay at least for a couple of weeks just in case the trend continues). I will make a couple of posts with tips and suggestions about my home town, but please be patient, as it turns out the time I can spend at the computer has decreased some since my return (more about that later!).
Hope you are well,


  1. Glad you are back as I am enjoying your blog.

    I spent about a week alone in Mexico City, a long time ago. I LOVED it. Especially traveling on the subway.

  2. Ooh, I want to see more photos from your trip!! And what is this new job? Can't wait to hear.

  3. Hello there! Life has been crazy since our trip to Mexico. Everything is different, a bit scary but mostly fun.
    I have been struggling and longing to get back in here, as this little space has kept me sane for so long.
    Miss you guys!
    I am well, finding a new pace.
    I promise to get a hold on my new rhythm as soon as possible.
    Please keep posted!


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