Thursday, June 23, 2011


Last weekend Frijol, our sweet cat, was eaten by a coyote.
At first, because he was semi-feral, we thought he was just exploring the neighborhood. But after a  couple of days we started to get worried. I spent all Monday making flyers, calling vet offices and visiting animal shelters. That afternoon we found him, or what was left of him, in the vineyard just a few feet away from our home. I know that sounds rough, and it was and still is, but we are relieved to know where he was and what happened to him. The worry that kept us up at night has been replaced by sadness. 
He was a wild cat that loved to roam and be free, and we have realized that he died the way he lived. Like a friend of mine put it: live by the fang, die by the fang. Sad as it is, he had the death we suspected he would one day have. We just didn't know it would happen this soon.
He was an avid hunter, a sweet loving companion and the smartest cat I have ever met. His latest trick was to sit to receive a treat! I wish I had a video of him doing that.
There is a huge sad emptiness where he used to be in our lives.
He and his crazy fangs will be greatly missed.

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