Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Found love: The girl with 7 horses.

Browsing around, I found Ulrika Kestere's gorgeous blog Ulicam.
She just finished a photo project called The girl with 7 horses.
Aren't these images whimsical and beautiful?

Image by Ulrika Kestere.

Image by Ulrika Kestere.

Image by Ulrika Kestere.
All photos by Ulrika Kestere. To see all 7 horses and to lean more about them and the girl visit here.


  1. There is this really great poem by Joy Harjo called "She Had Some Horses." You should check it out.

    1. Wow Amy! That poem is beautiful and moving, very powerful. Thank you for making me aware of it.

      It is so pertinent that I will give the link to it here for others to check it out:

  2. P.S. Ulrika is amazing. Holy shit.


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