Wednesday, January 4, 2012

December redux.

I can confidently tell you that December is, by far, my least favorite month of the year.
If I could dig a hole deep enough, I would spend the month in there, waiting for January to come.
Then, while reviewing my latest photos, I realized that this December brought some serious fun.
Besides parties with good friends and lots of yummy food:

There were magnolia buds,


And a parade of lighted tractors.

We discovered a persimmon tree on our back yard,

Played with fire,

Had a beach all to ourselves (and lots of birds),

Saw Elk,

And ate the freshest of crabs.

I suppose I should be reconsidering that "least favorite" label.

Hope you are having fun!


  1. Wow, such a gorgeous December, Rebeca!! I am very jealous of your newly discovered persimmon tree, and the parade of lighted tractors. Happy 2012. Let's meet up soon! xo, clare

  2. Awesome photos! Looks gorgeous <3


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