Saturday, January 15, 2011


Some people say that for every door that closes another one opens.
That in between limbo after a door has closed and contemplating which new door/path to choose to continue my journey is exactly where I find myself. It is both unnerving and exciting. 
A lot has happened lately, some good things, some bad. Somehow, it feels like the balance has been slanting towards the bad lately and I feel like more doors have been closed than opened. Some of those doors cannot be replaced and represent paths that have been closed forever, while some have been followed by uncertainty and the prospect of thrilling new possibilities.

Photo by R R

I know everything is temporary, and have the convinction that in the end everything is going to work out. I believe in equilibrium, and through that I sense that all of this is just a fase I have to go through to get to the next stage in my life.
After all, I am one of the luckiest persons I know. I am happy, I am healthy, I am loved. I am fortunate to have good friends, to live in a beautiful place, to be owned by two of the most amazing cats on this planet, to have the unbelievable luck to be sharing my life with my best friend and to be loved back by him.
This is just a test, I keep telling myself, but sometimes it all becomes too overwhelming.
That is why I have decided to share my thoughts and my heart with you in this blog, and in the process of doing so try to sort out what’s next. I hope you will join me.

This is my life.

Here we go.


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